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Behind the Scenes at Pamela's Patterns

You know what they say, it takes an army...
   Well, maybe not an army, but I certainly don't do all of this on my own! Here are some of the people that help make Pamela's Patterns a reality.


My wonderful husband, Bill.
    He has ideas on how to do anything and everything! Packaging, shipping, photography- you name it, it has his input. He very diligently monitors all the websites that chat and review the patterns, and films the YouTube videos. If you call the studio and reach him, he may even be able to give you advice on an FBA Adjustment! What a guy!


Product Support Manager, Liz.
   Liz takes care of all the packaging needs for Pamela's Patterns. For her it's a family affair - everyone in her family help out in some way. For me, it's like magic... All the pattern pieces get shipped to her and come back to me all assembled!  


Personal Assistant, Rebekah
     Everyone should have one of these! Before Rebekah I was trying to do everything on my own. Needless to say, some things only got half done, and some not at all. Rebekah ships orders, helps me pack for teaching events and - my favorite - keeps my website looking good and up-to-date. She is even learning some sewing!

Typesetting and Layout, Joanne     
  Joanne makes Pamela's Patterns look good in print. We have worked together for almost twenty years now developing newsletters and marketing. She takes whatever I give her, arranges it beautifully, cleans up my attempts at artwork and is my sounding board on ideas. Her dedication over the years has been invaluable!


Pattern Grading and Line Drawings, Jackie 
  A wise woman gave me some great advice a few years ago. She said, "Don't go something yourself that someone else can do better." Jackie, who has spent years at Philadelphia University Design School, does most of the size "grading" for Pamela's Patterns and the line drawings for the pattern instructions and website.


Videographer, Shannon
  Shannon, who I call the Renaissance Woman, is truly one talented lady! I met her when she took classes from me, and was very happy when she agreed to film Pamela's Patterns instructional DVD's. Despite her subjects (me!) silliness and nervousness, she manages to get all the techniques to look wonderful and clear.


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