Designed to fit and flatter women with REAL figures!

I have had the unique opportunity to work with hundreds of women over the years to help them achieve a good fit from commercial patterns. While doing this, I found that many of the pattern adjustments we were doing were consistent for the majority of women. As a result, the patterns have been designed to reflect these common changes, resulting in less changes to the pattern and garment during the construction process.  Commercial patterns go through a computer drafting program that doesn't allow for these common changes to be made. Pamela's Patterns are hand drafted with many prototypes before they go into production. I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I enjoyed making them! 

Knit Tips
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Here's a tip for choosing a great knit fabric....

With so many knits to choose from, how do you know it will preform well and retain the shape?  Pull about 6" across the stretch of the fabric (usually the crossgrain).  If it doesn't go back to the original size and shape, DON'T use it!!  You need to look for a knit with good "recovery" or you will end up with a garment that is too big and shapeless.  Fabrics that have a bit (2% or more) of lycra or spandex make an excellent choice for garment sewing.  And don't forget to prewash and dry your fabrics before cutting.  There are so many wonderful fiber combinations in knits today, you'll have fun stitching up a whole new wardrobe!    

For more tips on choosing knit fabrics

Dart Smarts
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Curvy Women Need Darts!

If you are more than a B-cup size, then you are oh-so-familiar with the little crease that appears on your garments in the armhole area.  When you see this, your garment is actually "asking for a dart"!  In most of Pamela's Patterns, the hard work of doing a front bust adjustment (FBA) is already done for you in the form of a separate pattern piece for a darted front.  Sewing a smooth dart is essential to a fine looking garment, and now you can learn Pamela's trick for achieving the perfect dart.  The method in which the dart point ends, and the pressing, are key elements to a beautifully sewn dart.  Get all the details right! 

Sewing The Perfect Dart or get The Perfect T-Shirt DVD

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Palmer/Pletsch East Opens in 2012

We are adding an East Coast Sewing Vacation location for our 4-day workshops in Philadelphia.

Pamela Leggett, owner of Pamela's Patterns and a Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor who has been teaching Palmer/Pletsch classes for 13 years, will teach the workshops at Steve's Sewing, Vacuum, & Quilting, a state-of-the-art store. A shopping trip to New York City will follow each workshop as will Teacher Training. Pati Palmer will be at the first fit and first pant fit workshops in 2012, assisting Pamela.


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